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A Better Online Community
How Do We Do It?
An Added Benefit
Are you sick and tired of dealing with all the scams on the free classified websites?
Well finally, you have found the right place. Penthouse Post is a members only website for honest users. Membership is required in order to view or post classified ads.
Fraud or misleading advertising will result in being banned from the website.

Haven't we waited long enough for us to have an honest place on the internet?
Here at Penthouse Post, we require user registration and a paid membership.  These are two requirements that most scammers avoid.  Of course, there may still be attempts.  But we will not tolerate any type of abuse to the community.  A violator's membership will be suspended or revoked.

Are you ready to join?
It's just $10 per month.
We need help building this honest online community. 
Once you have used the website, and have seen how valuable it can be, encourage other honest people to join us.

We have an incentive program that is included - we will pay you commissions on your recruitments.
But don't send spam to round-up users! That can get you banned, also.
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